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Panniers can be a problem.

So much so, that many riders choose not to use them except when traveling and in need of the extra storage space.

When on the bike they are easily damaged or scratched when maneuvering in tight spaces. Lane splitting scrubbing is bound to happen when maneuvering in tight city traffic. Taking them off the bike can create more problems than it solves! The guest bedroom is definitely not the best place to keep them when they are off the bike (just ask your spouse), and the garage can be downright dangerous for them (just ask your 5 year old on her bicycle).
Kids on bikes, piled up junk, and dirty, frisky pets can reduce the value of your motorcycle by hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in a matter of seconds.


A Pannier mount for the R1200RT (2005-2013)


A BULLRACK is a wall mounted rack system where you store your panniers or top bags when they are off the bike.
The pannier or top bag locks in place on the BULLRACK, just as it does on your bike, and when the key is removed the bag cannot be opened. You can secure your helmet or gear in them (clearing out even more of that guest bedroom). You can rest easy knowing that your gear is safe because getting the BULLRACK off the wall requires major effort, as the mounting screws are behind the bag, making it impossible to gain access to them to unscrew them. An unloaded pannier and BULLRACK weigh around 15 pounds, so the strong wall mount can support all the additional weight of your gear and helmets for out-of-the-way safe storage. They are built out of heavy duty 1/8” steel and powder-coated flat black for a long-lasting durable finish.

BRRTOP Top Case Rack
Top case mount for R1200RT/K1200GT/K1300GT/K1600GT(L)

BULLRACK kits for over 25 motorcycles models are available to order now with more being added all the time.

FJR Pannier Mount
A pannier mount for the Yamaha FJR1300
R1200RT panniers mounted on the wall
BULLRACK! R1200Rt et al
A pannier mount for the R1200RT series...


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